Educational Workshops


I can offer circus workshops linked to the Primary Science Curriculum on the topic of FORCES for 30 children at a time.

Links to Gravity, Tension, Friction, Pulls/Pushes & Twists.

Children will have the opportunity to play as they learn on Plate spinning/diabolos/wheels etc.


Pupils play fun games in groups to explore the properties of materials and the presentation also shows that materials are only described in 3 ways :- SOLIDS / LIQUIDS & GASES.


This workshop has been designed to engage the children in playing original games.

For younger pupils Reception & KS1 the pupils investigate shapes / volumes / clocks etc.

For KS2 pupils the games concentrate on times tables and division using again unique games.

In a full day I can offer 3 x 45 mins workshops in the morning and 2 x 45mins in the afternoon


4 x 30mins in the morning and 2 x 30mins in the afternoon.


Half day session - 4 x 30 mins sessions

Each session should be held in class and the maximum number seen for each session should be 30 children.

I also sometimes work with Gary the Musical Clown & we can offer the following topics together:

FORCES/SOUND/LIGHT/MATERIALS/ LIVING THINGS  - Plants. Workshops and shows can be provide for these and the shows can be for the whole school.



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